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Get in Shape with this Amazing Membership Deal from Planet Fitness

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The problem with New Year’s fitness resolutions is that it’s really hard to motivate yourself to be physically active when it’s freezing outside. That’s why gym memberships surge in January.

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The problem with typical January gym specials is that you get lured in with a low monthly fee and then you’re stuck with a one or two year contract at a much higher rate. When the weather warms up and you head outside for your workouts, you’re stuck paying for something you aren’t using.

Planet Fitness Deal

If that fear is keeping you out of the gym, you won’t want to miss this deal from Planet Fitness. From now until January 11, you can join for just $1 down during the Planet Fitness New Membership Sale. Even better, your monthly fee afterwards is only $10 with absolutely NO commitment.

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If you’ve visited your local gyms, you know that $10 is a steal and no contract deals are non-existent. Consider this a new year miracle and the sign you were waiting for to make a commitment to get in shape.

If you bail on your new year’s resolution mid-February, cancel your membership and you won’t be stuck paying for the rest of the year. For your health’s sake, I hope you don’t bail on your resolution.

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Online Community For Motivation

To help you stay motivated, as a Planet Fitness member you can join their online community called “Planet of Triumphs.” There, members connect with one another and offer support and encouragement.

Reasons Why Planet Fitness Is A Great Place To Work Out

I’m pretty confident that once you discover the Judgement Free Zone® at Planet Fitness, you’ll love going to the gym so much that quitting will be the furthest thing from your mind. Planet Fitness is a non-intimidating and welcoming place to work out. It’s designed for first time and occasional gym users.

You won’t find pushy sales people there either, just friendly staff who want you to be happy.

At just $10 a month, the cost won’t be a deterrent either. Seriously, one year at Planet Fitness is less than 2 months at my current gym. I can’t get over what an amazing deal this is.

Some other reasons you won’t want to miss this new membership sale:

  • Many Planet Fitness clubs are open and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • All Planet Fitness clubs have spacious, fully equipped locker rooms
  • Unlimited small group fitness instruction by a certified trainer included in all memberships

Find a club near you: http://planetfitness.com/local-clubs

Free Printable Fitness Calendar

Download my free fitness calendar to help keep you on track. You simply mark off the days you workout. You’ll find yourself getting to the gym just so you won’t have to look at an empty square. It’s simple and it works.

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