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Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Slows The Effects Of Time

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Last Updated on November 17, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

I received this product from Freya and the Mommerce Community free of charge for the purpose of review. 
All opinions are my own.


I’ve been on the hunt for an anti-aging cream to help me slow the effects of time, sun, and life in general. Each year, the worry line in my brow becomes more permanently etched and more recently, telltale crows feet are appearing around my eyes belying my age. I don’t have any designs on trying to look like I’m half my age, but I would like to slow or stall the clock a little so that the image in the mirror matches the person I feel like on the inside.

Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

Most recently, I tried the Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum. This solution not only combats wrinkles, but also age spots. In other skin care lines I’ve tried, you need to purchase two different products to combat both problems.

Another problem I have with skin care products is that I have combination skin. My T-zone is extremely oily and I’m prone to occasional blemishes, yet I’m still getting new wrinkles. So, I need to moisturize without making my skin feel oilier.

The Freya Anti-Aging Serum was perfect in this regard. The serum is very thin and wet so it feels almost as if you are rubbing water into your skin. It absorbed quickly into my skin and left my skin feeling soft and supple all over. No dry patches or oily patches.


Freya Serum

I’m very picky about the scent of products I use on my face, hair and body. The faint, citrus scent of Freya is very pleasant and not overwhelming at all. The scent is actually much like the feel of the serum–fresh, light, clean.

How Effective Is The Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum?

The real test of the serum though, is how effective it was in terms of anti-aging. I only had two weeks to use the product for the purpose of the review so I wasn’t sure I would notice a difference. I was surprised (and delighted) to see that the lines around my eyes had diminished in just two weeks. You can see the difference for yourself in the picture below.


Freya Results


For more information about Freya and their line of skin care products, visit their Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.


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  1. I’m looking for a anti-aging cream too. Will go and check out Freya now. You really can see difference on your pictures. Thanks for a great review.


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