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Food, Fun, & Conversation: 4 Weeks to Better Family Dinners

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Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

We all know that eating together as a family is an important way to connect as a family. Did you know there are tons of other benefits too? Eating together as a family not only strengthens your family, it helps your kids be smarter, healthier, and more self assured!

How Kids Benefit From Family Dinners infographic


The Family Dinner Project

This principle was so important to some people that they started a grass roots movement called The Family Dinner Project to help raise awareness of these benefits and to help families enjoy more dinners together.

Food, Fun, & Conversation: 4 Weeks to Better Family Dinners

In talking to parents across the country about the challenges of trying to have family dinners, they brainstormed solutions to make family dinner a regular reality in homes. They call this collective wisdom Food, Fun and Conversation, a free 4-week program designed to help make it easier for you to enjoy regular, meaningful family dinners.

The program is broken down into four weekly themes: Make the Commitment, Make it Simple, Make it Fun, and Make it Matter. Resources include tip sheets, game suggestions, conversation starters, easy and healthy recipe suggestions, and more. Families can tailor Food, Fun and Conversation to meet their needs and goals.  The Family Dinner Project website makes it easy for families to share ideas and find support.


Four Weeks to Better Family Dinners infographic


Family dinner is important to a family’s health and well being. So, if it’s your goal to make family dinners a priority in your home this year, the Family Dinner Project can show you how in just 4 weeks. Although it feels challenging, family dinner can be a regular event in your home and making that happen can be easier than you think. Sign up now for the FREE program designed to help your family connect and build memories.


7 thoughts on “Food, Fun, & Conversation: 4 Weeks to Better Family Dinners”

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  3. I am so so passionate about my family eating dinner together. We have even made our kids’ sports/extracurricular schedule work around our dinner hour. It is non-negotiable!

  4. Hi Corinne – I love this article, thank you so much for featuring this organization and educating us on the importance of family dinner. I am crazy strict about having my family sit down for dinner together, even on the busy nights if it’s only for a few minutes. No TV. Just us at the counter or table, eating a home cooked dinner with healthy food, and talking about our day. Hugs, Holly

  5. I grew up eating at the table every night and kept that tradition up. There were and are a few times that we may eat early or late, but we do our best to eat together. I love to find out about what is going on with everyone and at times that is the only way to have time for a conversation!

  6. I love this article!! This is the one thing that I am a Stickler about. Everyone has to be home for dinner every night. That is the oy time we are all together during the day!!!

  7. I grew up eating every dinner with my family and I try to do the same with my children. It’s so critically important to spend that time together every day.


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