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Finding the Right Lighting For Each Room

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Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

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Light Up Your Life

When looking for new furniture, lighting is sometimes an afterthought. But finding the right lighting can make any piece go from great to phenomenal, because at the end of the day what use is a beautiful couch/dining table/etc… if you can’t even see it. If you are looking for some inspiration, the designers at Homepolish rounded up some of their favorite lighting options that will be sure to brighten your day. I’ve added my own colored commentary based on my own experiences with each of their recommendations.

Your master plan should include neon lights. Beyond man caves, they also add eye-catching color to recreation rooms and they can turn an ordinary hallway to extraordinary.

A chandelier is a cherry on top of a well-designed room. Check out how this simple, but interesting chandelier draws your eye upward and makes the space feel more expansive. A carefully chosen chandelier is especially important in living rooms and dining rooms where your guests spend a lot of time sitting and gazing about.

This 1940’s movie set inspired lamp is useful for shining light on dark areas and creates an antique vibe. It’s the perfect choice for a studio apartment and can add character to your craft room or office.

Bedside Lamps are a beautiful addition to any bedroom, the bonus being that you’ll never have to leave your cozy bed to turn off the lights. In addition, I prefer the soft glow of a bedside lamp to the harsh brightness of an overhead light. With so many styles of tableside lamps to choose from, it’s easy to find one that fits your bedroom decor.

Double the brilliance of any light, by simply pairing it with a gorgeous mirror. This was one of my favorite tricks when we’ve rented homes with few overhead lights. The mirror reflects the light so you get broader range out of a single light fixture.

If overhead lighting isn’t your thing, stringing lights is a great alternative that sends light into areas a single bulb can’t. This is one of my favorite ways to add lighting outdoors (on a deck or porch). My teen daughter also likes this effect in her bedroom. It adds a little whimsy to a room.

A standing lamp that sends light in multiple directions is your answer if you have too little floor space and a disdain for installing anything. It also grants you a lot of flexibility if you tend to rearrange a lot.


Homepolish is changing the design industry one interior at a time. Completely doing away with the traditional interior design model, they skip the commissions and product markups and charge a flat hourly fee. They’re committed to making the luxury of interior design affordable and accessible to any budget with 250 interior designers in 13 U.S. cities who have designed thousands of homes. Homepolish was named New York Mag’s Best Services of 2015.

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