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Tips For Finding a Green House Cleaner

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Consumers these days are increasingly looking for green household products. While it’s easy enough to buy your own green cleaning products, what happens when you have a cleaning service in your home? How do you know that they are using green products? Below are several tips to help you ensure that your house cleaner is truly green.

Communicate with the owner

If you are concerned about green cleaning, speak directly to the business owner about their policies and products. You may be able to request that cleaners use products you supply, or you may be able to secure a guarantee that the business uses green products. Since many people use the terms “green” and “environmentally friendly” to mean different things, make sure that you get specific with the business owner about what exactly you expect in terms of green cleaning.

Consider a franchise

If you are looking for a robust company cleaning policy, consider using a home cleaning franchise. The benefit of a franchise is that it will have well-defined company policies. For instance, the Maid Right franchise uses an EPA-approved product called EnviroShield® in their services. Maid Right also partners with the American Lung Association on its cleaning technology and makes their franchise’s green cleaning policies readily available through the Maid Right website.

Ask for documentation

Regardless of whether you use an independent provider or a franchise, don’t be afraid to ask for documentation that backs up the cleaner’s claims of green methods. If you entrust your home to a cleaning service of any kind, it is fair for you to receive specific information that backs up their advertising or promotional promises. If a service is unwilling to share this information with you, you may want to consider finding another company that will.

Hiring a cleaning service can be a huge time-saver and convenience for you. However, you may lose some control over the use of certain products in your home. If green cleaning is important to you, you should speak up and find out what products and methods your cleaning service plans to use in your home.

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