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"Remember when disaster stirkes, the time to prepare has passed."  -- Steven Cyros

This is for you if...

  • You've ever worried about what would happen to your home and family if something happened to you.
  • You are the primary caregiver in your family. Does someone know how to step in and fill your shoes if you weren't able to?
  • Your property or belongings are 'll need this information if they're ever damaged or stolen in order to file a claim.  
  • You want to avoid stress during chaos by having a plan in hand.
  • You care about your home and family and want to make sure that no matter what happens, you can help minimize the trauma.

This bundle is packed with everything you need to handle the unexpected. Check out everything you'll get in this bundle!

I've packed in as much as I could think of to ensure you'll be ready for anything.


Get immediate access to the files so you can download and keep forever 


Type your information directly into the forms and save the file


Detailed checklists to help ensure you plan thoroughly

Get instant access to the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS BUNDLE now!

Get the 68-page In Case of Emergency Binder AND 50-page Household Inventory Workbook at 40% off the regular price!

Here's everything you get:

The In Case of Emergency Binder includes:

  • Section Dividers 
  • Instructions for Each Section
  • Emergency Contact Forms 
  • Family Information Forms 
  • Medical Information Forms 
  • Financial Information Forms 
  • Investment Information Forms 
  • Insurance Information Forms )
  • General Information Forms 
  • Emergency Checklists
  • How To Forms
  • Evacuation Plan Forms 
  • Additional Resources 

The Household Inventory Workbook includes:

  • Contact Information Sheet
  • Instructions and Tips
  • List of suggested items to document
  • Checklist of items in each area to consider inventorying
  • Foyer/entryway inventory sheet + photo page
  • Living room inventory sheet + photo page
  • Kitchen recording sheet + photo page
  • Dining Room recording sheet + photo page
  • Bathroom recording sheet + photo page
  • Bedroom recording sheet + photo page
  • Family room recording sheet + photo page
  • Office recording sheet + photo page
  • Laundry room recording sheet + photo page
  • Hallway recording sheet + photo page
  • Mudroom recording sheet + photo page
  • Stairwell recording sheet + photo page
  • Basement recording sheet + photo page
  • Garage/outbuilding recording sheet + photo page
  • Outdoor recording sheet + photo page
  • Bonus detailed inventory sheets for clothing, kitchen items, and linens

Both files come as fillable PDFs so you can enter your information directly into the PDFs before printing. You can also save your completed file online so you don't have to worry about losing the hard copy. Print out as many copies as you want!

Bought separately, these workbooks would cost you $49.98. Together, the regular price is $39.99.

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Get instant access to the Emergency Preparedness Bundle now!

Prepare now so you can handle whatever life throws at you later.

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