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Donate Your Spare Change to Help Veteran Causes

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Last Updated on May 18, 2021 by Corinne Schmitt

This post was sponsored by DAV. All opinions are my own.

Did you know you can donate your spare change to help veteran causes? And the best part is, it requires almost no effort on your part to make a big difference in others’ lives!

screenshot of the DAV harness app for donating your change to veterans

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I’m a big fan of random acts of kindness. I just love how small, simple acts can compound and make a huge impact on the world around us.

And as a military family, I have a special place in my heart for veterans because I know first hand how much they and their families sacrifice for the greater good.

That’s why I LOVE the DAV Spare Change program and am eager to let others know about it.

What is the DAV Spare Change Program?

The DAV Spare Change program is a campaign to make it super easy for you to donate spare change to veterans causes. And when I say “super easy” that is exactly what I mean.

How it works:

  • Sign up here (or text DAV to 26989) and link a credit card or debit card
  • Shop as you normally would
a credit card in a payment machine in a store with the words approved thanks on the screen

Each of your purchases made with your linked card will be rounded up to the next dollar and that spare change will be donated to DAV.

You’re Still in Control

Although the donations are automatic, you still maintain total control over how much you’re donating. When you sign up, you choose your monthly donation cap.

screenshot of the DAV harness app for donating your change to veterans

And, you can log into your dashboard at any time to adjust it up or down.

You can also pause or stop your donations at any time.

You also control which cards are linked. You can add or remove your linked debit cards anytime in your donor dashboard.

My favorite part?

When it comes time to do taxes, you just need to log into the app and view your donation history to get an easy summary of your total donations for the year.

Where Your Spare Change Goes

I know there are programs that let you round up your purchases so you can save that spare change for your own use. So, why donate it to DAV?

a gif of shopping bags moving on a person's arm with a red frame around it and title text reading Shop for Good to Help Disabled American Veterans

If you really want to treat yourself to a designer purse, weekend getaway, or new kitchen appliance, I’ll be the last person to tell you that’s a bad use of your money. I definitely like to spoil myself once in awhile!

However, I would like to suggest that you might find it more rewarding to let that accumulated spare change go towards helping injured and ill veterans who sacrificed their health to allow the rest of us to spend time fretting about whether we’d prefer a caramel macchiato or a café mocha.

If I can contribute to a cause I proudly support, without actually having to make difficult sacrifices to do so, donating that spare change is an easy decision.

So I’ll treat myself by taking my daughter with me to stock up on 3-wick candles during the annual sale at our favorite candle store guilt-free since the purchase gets rounded up to benefit one of my favorite charities. Spoiled and generous all in one trip! LOL

a young lady wearing a face mask holding some candles in a Bath & Body Works store

Did you know you can also donate your car to the DAV? Come check out How and Why to Donate a Car to learn more about it.

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