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Dex – An Inspiring Read for Kids Who Cook

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Last Updated on October 3, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

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I love finding books appropriate for my book-loving kids. If you have a middle schooler, you know how hard this can be! Our latest discovery is Dex by Sheri Lynn Fishbach.

About Dex

Dex Rosii is a 12-year old who runs his own business. He sells sandwiches and cookies in his front yard. Initially, his goal is to make enough money to buy workout equipment to help him get in shape and win over a girl at school. But when his grandmother’s restaurant faces the risk of being shut down, he kicks his business into high gear to help.

Dex Is An Inspiring Read for Kids Who Cook

For kids who are fans of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, the setting of the story and the numerous food references make this a delightful read. Even for kids who aren’t aspiring chefs or home cooks, Dex’s entrepreneurial spirit, his entourage of friends with unique personalities and strengths of their own, and just enough drama and hijinks, this book is sure to keep the reader’s attention.

Why A Mom Likes Dex

As a mom, I love the good, clean plot and characters in the story. I also love that Dex inspires kids to be entrepreneurial and to pursue their interests. Middle school is when kids really start to feel the pressure of fitting in and Dex highlights how standing out is another way to get attention AND acceptance.


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