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Top 5 Reasons I Love CRYSTAL LIGHT

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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for CRYSTAL LIGHT. I received a gift card to purchase CRYSTAL LIGHT products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

I’ve written before about the importance of staying well hydrated. Cliff notes version: reduces stress, improves your health, keeps your skin moist and youthful, and keeps you thin. And while medical experts will encourage you to drink plain water (and you should), if you’re like me, sometimes you need a little flavor boost to down the proper amount of water each day. That brings us to the first reason I love CRYSTAL LIGHT…

It’s a Delicious Way to Stay Hydrated

With literally dozens of flavors to choose from, every glass of water you drink throughout the day can be different. I actually don’t know how many flavors there are, but in my pantry right now I have cherry pomegranate, raspberry lemonade, blueberry raspberry, peach mango, grape, strawberry kiwi and strawberry lemonade.

It’s as Versatile as You Are

Obviously, from my list above, I like to keep a variety of flavors on hand. But flavors aren’t the only things you get to choose when you’re buying CRYSTAL LIGHT. You can make it by the pitcher, or keep a couple of on-the-go packs in your purse to add to bottled water while you’re out and about. Or, you can buy the liquid mix and add as much or as little as you want to your water. You can also choose the pure version which is made with truvia. My new favorite variety is CRYSTAL LIGHT with Caffeine since it lets me swap hydrating water for my dehydrating morning coffee without suffering a caffeine headache (yes, I’m hopelessly addicted). And unlike juice…

It’s Low in Calories

Depending on which variety you choose, CRYSTAL LIGHT has 0-15 calories per serving. That means, even at the highest calorie option, I consume fewer calories in a well-hydrated day drinking CRYSTAL LIGHT than I would if I drank a single soda or glass of juice. Even better,

It’s Inexpensive

I tend to buy the on-the-go packets and the liquid drink mix. At Wal-Mart, the on-the-go packets cost $2.48 per box of 10 packets, so just 25 cents each. The liquid drink mix costs $3.48 per bottle which contains roughly 24 servings. That’s less than 15 cents per drink. Way cheaper than soda, coffee, sports drinks, or juice.

Earn Rewards For Buying It

The top reason I love CRYSTAL LIGHT right now is that I earn rewards every time I buy it! CRYSTAL LIGHT has teamed up with Miranda Lambert to launch the Platinum Points Program. Who doesn’t love Miranda Lambert? I’m not even a country music fan and I adore her. As a mother with two daughters, I am thrilled whenever I can find positive, popular role models for them and Miranda Lambert is an obvious choice– Talented singer, humble and charming, and loving wife to a devoted husband. And since both Miranda Lambert and Walmart promote a healthy lifestyle, they’re the perfect team!

The Platinum Points Program was developed to coincide with Miranda’s Platinum Tour presented by CRYSTAL LIGHT. It’s super easy to earn the rewards that can be used to score fun Miranda Lambert gear.

How to Use the CRYSTAL LIGHT Platinum Points Program

First, go here to sign up using your email address or Facebook account. I signed up using my email address, which took less than a minute. Use promo code “mirandaic” to score 30 free Platinum Points.

Next, go to Walmart and purchase participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products. Make sure to keep your receipt! Since I buy CRYSTAL LIGHT all the time, I knew right where to go (it’s with all the other drink mixes). If your Walmart is anything like mine, you’ll find a huge selection. Here’s a pic of just one portion of the shelf:


Crystal Light Selection


Then, go to www.earnplatinumpoints.com in your mobile browser and log in.

Click “Snap,” choose “Walmart,” and then click “Select/Take Photo.”

Snap a photo of your receipt and click “Upload This Photo.” I had to do this step a couple of times because I didn’t pay close attention to the helpful tips the screen gives you before you take the picture. Once I followed directions (imagine!), the photo uploaded easily.

It will take a little while for your receipt to be verified and processed (mine was done in under a day), but once the process is complete, the rewards will automatically show up in your account. Then, you can trade them in for one of these cool rewards!


Platinum Points Rewards


I personally have my sights set on the tumbler so I can sip my CRYSTAL LIGHT all day long.

Which reward are you most excited about? What’s your favorite CRYSTAL LIGHT product and flavor? Please come back and let me know what you think of the Platinum Points Program once you’ve signed up. And don’t forget to use the “mirandaic” promo code to get 30 free points!

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