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Create A Unique Holiday Card With Lego Minifigure Family

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Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I hear the word LEGO, I think of building and creativity. I picture a variety of vehicles and structures crafted from these amazingly simple and highly versatile little bricks. This holiday season, LEGO has taken creative construction to a new level with the introduction of Minifigure Family which lets you recreate your family in LEGO Minifigures to make your own custom holiday card.

LEGO Minifigure Family Online Program

The online program is really easy to use. When you get to minifigurefamily.com, you simply click the “Get Started” button to begin making your LEGO Minifigure Family.


LEGO Minifigure Family

Then, you add family members. You can even include your dog(s) and/or cat(s)!

You Can Customize Several Things

I loved that I could customize so many things. You can choose skin tone, facial expression, hair or hat styles, shirts, and pants.

There are fewer customization choices for the pets, but you do get to choose from a few colors and include the pet’s name if you want.

I was tickled that ninja was one of the choices since everyone who knows me well knows that I like to pretend I am a ninja. The smirk you will see upon my husband’s minifigure is almost exactly like the one he sports in every family photo we have ever taken.


LEGO Minifigure Customization


Choose The Background

Once you’ve added and customized all of your family members, you get to choose the background and position each family member in the picture.

At first, I was going to select one of the Christmas scenes, but since we opted to design ourselves in similar fashion to our everyday lives, we selected a background that was closer to our everyday surrounding.

The North Pole background would make a cute holiday card scene though. Or, you can send your minifigures to the beach.

Edit The Message

You can also edit the message, if you want one included on the card. Before you share or download the card, you are also given the option to toggle on or off family member’s names and the message.

The Whole Family Can Help Design The Card

I had everyone in the family help me so that each individual could choose what their minifigure looked like. It was a lot of fun recreating ourselves in LEGO form and the whole process only took a few minutes (most of which was my daughter trying to convince my son to pick a chicken hat instead of a baseball cap).

Here’s what our card looked like when we were done:

LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday Card


This will be a cute keepsake to include with our Christmas pictures in our family album. I’m sure our friends and family members will get a kick out of it too since the customizations we chose really do reflect our personalities. Try it out for yourself. It’s a ton of fun and super easy to do!  You can make your own LEGO Minifigure Family in just a few minutes.

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