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Bloggers Challenge to Write Day One

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I have decided to join some other bloggers in a Challenge to Write. Each day all the participants write on an assigned topic. During this process, you should learn a little more about me, but more importantly I hope to learn more about you! So, please leave me your own thoughts on each day’s topic in the comments. I will try to tailor upcoming articles to your interests and experiences.



What is your favorite thing about summer?

Although some parents dread having to keep their kids entertained all day every day for three months, I look forward to school letting out for the summer because it frees me from our typically rigid schedule of school, after-school, and religious education activities that define our school year.

I love letting the kids sleep in and taking time to make the occasional big breakfast for everyone. I love that I don’t have tears at bedtime because I can let them stay up until the sun goes down. And I love getting to see all of my children playing together, eating together, talking to one another for most of the day rather than at a rushed dinner. Friends and family, do not ruin this daydream for me by imposing facts that refute this vision. I’m sure all of those things have occurred at least once during the summer.

In a nutshell, my favorite thing about summer is more time with my family. Of course, talk to me in late August and my answer might be different. What is YOUR favorite thing about summer? Am I missing out on something fun? If so, clue me in because I like fun and so do my readers. (If you are reading this and you don’t like to have fun you must have gotten here by mistake—leave quietly and no one has to know.)

14 thoughts on “Bloggers Challenge to Write Day One”

  1. I am looking forward to going to fun places with my girls. We plan on having a “staycation” this year and see what fun’s been around us all along!

  2. I’d like to join on this meme…my favorite thing about summer is lots of outdoor fun!

  3. I love how we can just sit back and enjoy good family quality time, rather it is watching movies, having dinner or taking a swim. I love this time of year!

  4. I love summer too. I am happy to spend more time with my son without schedules. This is his last week and I am just as anxious as he is to be out.

  5. I can not wait for summer, though I have a teenager and he and I argue, it is still great having both my boys home. Enjoy your summer with your kids.

  6. Well, since my child will only have 30 days summer vacation it’s going to be a not so fun at all, I would love to sleep in too and have my kids sleep in but unfortunately they have short vacation.

  7. I do love making spur of the moment plans in the summer when i dont have to wait for days off from school. We usually watch the weather report and when theres a good couple of days its not too blistering hot we jump in the car and run to the beach midweek to enjoy some days with no plan or rules to go by, and since im a nazi about schedules all year long, the kids get to meet “fun mom” while eating horribly and staying up late at the hotel!

  8. I love to have fun! And the more fun or relaxing you can do with your family during the summer the better!! I think I might have joined one of these challenges but can’t remember where–or maybe they were just asking if I might?

  9. As a teacher, I get the summers off. Last summer, I traveled a ton because my husband and I were planning on starting a family soon, and I knew it would be my last chance as a non-mom to just go freely! I was right. Our first kid’s due in less than a week. I have NO IDEA what this summer will look like! From what I hear, no sleep.

    By the way, how do you get in on the challenge? I mean, where do you get the topics?

    • Hi Bethany! First, thanks for your service as a teacher. Volunteering in my kids’ classrooms has taught me what remarkable people teachers are with skill sets I neither have nor have the capacity to develop. I’m in awe. Second, congrats on becoming a mommy! At least you will have the summer off so you can sleep when the baby sleeps (and they sleep a lot!–just in short periods at a time). Finally, here’s the link to the challenge topics: http://rudemom.com/june-2013-challengetowrite/


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