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Box Top Collecting And A Math Lesson

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Last Updated on August 18, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

Last week I shared some of my ideas for how to support your child’s school. I mentioned that Box Tops for Education™ is one of my favorite programs for supporting our schools. This week I want to share with you my family’s system for collecting and tracking our Box Top donation since it makes the process even more fun and offers the side benefit of helping your kids practice their math skills.

Collecting Box Tops

When we first started collecting Box Tops we would just keep them in a plastic zipper bag until it was full and then we would send it into school. Well, then I became good friends with the woman who collected all of the Box Tops for our school and found out she had to count all of those Box Tops! I figured I could make her job a little easier by counting ours and labeling our donation when we sent it in to save her some time. That’s when it dawned on me that I could turn our Box Top collecting into a learning opportunity for the kids.

I repurposed one of the plastic containers from our deli meat into our collection box. Then, to make sure everyone understood what the container was to be used for, I used some alphabet stickers (from the scrapbooking supplies I accumulated back when I only had one child and thought I could spend hours each day chronicling our lives) to label the container. A label maker or a Sharpie could accomplish the same goal if you want to make your own and don’t have a stash of alphabet stickers lying around.

Box Top Math

Then, I took some Dry Erase Tape (my happiest find of the year!) and stuck them on the lid like this:

Box Top Math Container

Now, whenever we add Box Tops to the container, I have the kids do the math to keep track of how many Box Tops we have.

Usually, it’s pretty easy since we only add one or two at a time. However, thanks to Bonus Box Tops offers, we get a lot of chances to add several at a time, making the math a little more challenging. Last week, we took advantage of the Bonus Box Tops offer on several General Mills® products so for each item we got 5 Box Tops instead of just one per item.

Bonus Box Tops Math

Since I keep the granola bars in a bin in our pantry, I emptied the box, cut out the Box Tops, and gave them to my daughter to add to the container.

Do you collect Box Tops to donate to your school? If you do, I hope you enjoy this Box Top Math activity with your kids. Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments or share your own ideas. I’d love to hear them!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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