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Book Review: Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

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I love books of all genres but my absolute favorite is historical fiction. So, when I was offered the opportunity to review Victoria by Daisy Goodwin, I jumped at the chance to delve into Queen Victoria’s fictionalized life.

One of the reasons I love historical fiction is that on my own I have such a hard time visualizing life in a different time and place, especially when the details are presented blandly and devoid of details as most history books tend to present them.

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A good historical fiction writer transports you back in time to a long-past era and makes you feel like you are witnessing everything firsthand. And I’m happy to tell you that Daisy Goodwin is, indeed, a talented writer.

About the Book

It’s likely that you already know a lot about Queen Victoria. She reigned the United Kingdom over six decades and expanded the British Empire dramatically over that period. She is renowned for her strict morality and family values.

Victoria, the novel, is about the queen’s life long before she became the symbolic figure of morality. The novel instead, focuses on her first two years as queen. At the tender age of 18, Victoria inherits the crown and must navigate the tenuous path of figuring out who she can trust, how to be a respected and responsible leader, and how to find happiness along the way.

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Here’s what Amanda Foreman, British/American biographer and historian, said about the book:

“Victoria is an absolutely captivating novel of youth, love, and the often painful transition from immaturity to adulthood. Daisy Goodwin breathes new life into Victoria’s story, and does so with sensitivity, verve, and wit.” – Amanda Foreman

My Thoughts

Ms. Goodwin pulls you directly into Queen Victoria’s chambers to watch her daily life during those first two years up close. She describes the surroundings and the personalities with such detail, that you can almost reach out and pet Dash, Victoria’s dog. You’ll want to jump in front of her when Sir John Conroy raises his hand as if to strike her. If you want to wander through Buckingham Palace, ride through the forest at Windsor, or ride a carriage down the streets of London, you’ll get to do them all through Victoria’s eyes.

While I loved being transported to 1837, what I enjoyed most about Victoria is how well Ms. Goodwin conveys the relationships between the characters. The passion, jealousy, melancholy, anger, and joy of the characters from their different perspectives and in response to one another is masterful.

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Because of this, Victoria is the perfect novel to curl up in front of the fireplace with on a cold winter day. Go ahead and clear your whole day because once you are pulled in, you won’t want to leave the story until you’ve seen it to its end.

For more information about Victoria, visit DaisyGoodwinNovels.com.

 Victoria is a wonderful historical fiction novel about the early years of Queen Victoria's first years as queen.


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