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Big Rig Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of American Transportation

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Truckers Are Taking You Places

The job of the commercial trucker is an important one, and the industry as a whole currently employs more than 6.8 million people.

Even with millions of people working day and night on our roadways transporting food, electronics, furniture, and other cargo from one place to another, there’s an existing shortage of qualified commercial truckers in America with more than 25,000 vacant truck-driving positions to fill.

The Road to a Flexible Lifestyle

Many truckers choose to enter the industry because they crave the appeal of the open road, while others do so because they prefer to work in a solitary setting as opposed to in a team environment. Others choose to drive a commercial truck for the opportunity it offers to get out and explore so much of this beautiful country.

Driving a truck for a living offers a degree of flexibility that few other career paths provide. Most truckers are able to set their own hours as long as they meet existing delivery deadlines, and guidelines for rest and relaxation exist to ensure the safety of all commercial drivers on duty.

The commercial trucking industry offers a solid career option in a high-demand field, and its workers make up an integral component of the American economic marketplace.

2 thoughts on “Big Rig Truckers – The Unsung Heroes of American Transportation”

  1. As a former transportation troop in the military, I know first hand how truckers work and what an important contribution they make.

  2. They are truely unsung heros. I know that everything we get is delivered by a truck even if it rides the rail to a closer destination. Thank you for sharing. I know that they often work long hours and don’t get to see their family.


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