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Best Fashionable Jewelry Gifts for Teen Girls

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As girls get older, their fashion sense matures and they become savvy users of accessories. The cheap beaded necklaces from the kids’ jewelry store at the mall won’t cut it anymore.

Unfortunately, most teens and college-aged girls don’t have an income source that enables them to adorn themselves with nicer jewelry. THAT is why quality, fashionable jewelry makes the perfect gift for this group.

Silpada is one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry for my daughter because their jewelry is quality sterling silver and their designs are modern and unique – perfect for girls in high school and college!

Best Jewelry Gifts for Teen Girls

Here are my favorite picks for teen girls (chosen with the help of my 17-year old daughter).

three strand necklace with pearls on it

three strand necklace with a silver piece on the top

silver necklace with three pearls

two strand silver necklace with emeralds

a silver ring with three bands

a silver ring with the number 925 on it

a silver bracelet with an emerald charm, a charm with text be bright, and  a diamond charm

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  1. I think Santa Claus will bring some nice piece of jewelry to my teen girl this year. <3
    Thanks for your article and recommendations!


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