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Bed Linen: Tips & Tricks For a Pretty Bedroom

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Bed Linen: Tips & Tricks For a Pretty Bedroom

Your bedroom should reflect certain aspects of your personality and should be designed around your likes and preferences. However, prettiness and charm are also important, especially in a space as intimate as a bedroom: without any visual appeal, you will not enjoy spending time in your bedroom. Here are some quick and simple ways to beautify your bedroom without losing that all-important personal touch.
leaves on the bedding in a bedroom as one of the bed linen tips tricks for a pretty bedroom

Eye-catching Bed Linens

Your bedding choice can make the difference between an acceptable bedroom and a great one! There is a huge range and variety of bedding on offer, both online and in-store, so that even the most discerning tastes can be catered for. Opt for bedding with a striking design or that combines colours that enhance and compliment your chosen colour scheme.This stunning yet simple bed linen from Yorkshire Linen is my favorite & will add comfort and drama to any bedroom and you cannot go wrong with investing in your bedding!

all white bedding as one of the bed linen tips tricks for a pretty bedroom

Border Patrol

Bedding with a distinctive border pattern can really add to the effect of your bedroom décor, crisping up geometric lines and picking out hints of colour. You will be amazed at the huge difference that can be achieved by picking out a bordered bed set rather than plain colours or patterns.

black and white bedding

Pattern Promise

Introducing patterns is often done with caution as too much patterning can make a bedroom look overdone and swamped with colour. However, careful and judicious use of patterning can work well to enhance certain parts of the bedroom, and this is especially true of bedding. While the bed is, practically speaking, a large expanse, it is one place where lavish use of patterning is not only acceptable but it can look fantastic too, without ever being excessive.

patterned bedding against a patterned wall as one of the bed linen tips tricks for a pretty bedroom

Accent Colour

While there is a temptation to always pick bed linens in your prime décor colour, this can be a hasty decision and not always an impulse to be thoughtlessly obeyed. Instead, take a moment and pick out several bedding sets in your alternative colours. You can even get wallpapers & wall decors at Brewster for perfect color co-ordination. This will enhance your colour scheme and help to achieve continuity throughout the entire décor colour scheme, making your whole bedroom look fantastic, well put together and visually appealing.

bedding with flowers on it to match the yellow wall
blue and yellow bedding next to yellow lamps

With just these few considerations about bedding and bed linens you can make an enormous difference to the ambiance and visual appeal of your bedroom. Whenever you are getting something for your bedroom, bear in mind the overall look of the whole room, rather than choosing items for their own individual appeal: sometimes pretty things just do not fit into a décor scheme! With a little planning and effort, your bedroom can become a haven of peace and beauty for you.

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