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How to Avoid Toddler Meltdowns on Vacation

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Last Updated on June 14, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

The annual family vacation is something everyone looks forward to. Parents spend a lot of time and effort throughout the year planning this great adventure. The last thing anyone wants is for family members to be disappointed. This often happens when the little ones get tired, hungry, or bored. It can ruin it for everyone involved. One can avoid toddler meltdowns by incorporating a few of the following parenting tips into their vacation plans.

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Let’s Eat

Low blood sugar from not eating properly can quickly turn moods sour. Stopping for a nutritious meal doesn’t mean the vacation fun has to end. Dinner shows offer family style meals served while guests watch anything from a horse show to a country music concert. Many restaurants near tourist attractions have character meals where families dine as the children’s favorite TV personalities visit each table for autographs and excellent photo ops. Even a fast food restaurant with a playland will do when tired and hungry.

Get Rest

Every family needs a good home base when traveling where everyone can get a good night’s sleep. These places don’t have to be boring. Along with hotels and resorts that offer plenty of amenities, families can stay in an RV at a campground or in a cabin. These places are set in the scenic areas of the wilderness away from traffic and noise, and they offer swimming, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. One can rent places such as broken bow cabins from online sites like Beavers Bend Log Cabins or contact their travel agent.

Have Fun

The most important detail when planning a family vacation is fun. Look for activities that all ages will enjoy. The beach is ideal for the smallest child right on up through the teen years. Parents love it too. Museums and historic villages are perfect for holding Mom and Dad’s attention while slipping some education into the kid’s time away from school. A day at a zoo or botanical garden serves double duty. While being quite entertaining, these spots offer a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone can recharge.

Once each of these ideas is placed into your vacation plans, you can relax knowing that your children will be happy and excited for the family adventure ahead. Having the kids happy will mean an enjoyable and memorable experience for every member of the family.

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  3. For most parents, these are great tips! However, my son has sensory processing disorder so vacations can be overwhelming for him (being in crowds, being away from home, change in routine – all these things cause chaos in his little brain!). However, taking care of the basic needs absolutely is most important. I’m sure if I didn’t do these things, there would never be a chance of vacation for us!


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