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Do This One Thing For Affordable, Abundant Organic Food Choices

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Many thanks to the Organic Trade Association for sponsoring today’s post. I’m thrilled to be able to partner with them to continue my mission to help busy moms create happy, healthy homes.

When it comes to eating healthy, we face a lot of obstacles. Processed, chemical-laden food is convenient, inexpensive, and easy to find. In contrast, healthy food choices often have a short shelf life, require more effort than emptying a box and adding liquid, are costly, and are often only found in specialty grocery stores or are relegated to a small section of traditional grocery stores.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was just as easy and cost-effective to stock up on organic apples and bell peppers as it is to buy those treated with chemicals? If you’re like me, you’ve probably dreamed of that scenario but dismissed it as impossible.

With the higher cost of organic products, fewer consumers purchase them which means demand for these products doesn’t justify investing money into them to improve processes and reduce costs. It’s a cycle that seems hopeless in terms of a future of affordable and abundant organic products. Until now.

a field of plants with title text reading Organic Check-Off

The Organic Trade Association and Gro Organic have submitted an application to the USDA for an Organic Check-Off Program. If approved, this program has the power to deliver big changes to the organic industry.

What is the Organic Check-Off?

If you’re like me, the term “Check-Off Program” might be new to you. The term might be new, but I bet you’ve seen the results of one before. Ever heard the phrase “Got Milk?”. Perhaps you remember “The Incredible Edible Egg.” Both were paid for by check-off programs.

a tan background with text reading The iconic Got Milk and The Incredible Edible Egg campaigns are examples of promotion and education programs paid for by other check-off programs.

Several weeks ago I read about the GRO Organic Check-Off Program on Mamavation. I was inspired by the campaign and asked to participate. I was excited about what the Check-Off Program can accomplish with enough support.

a green background with text reading An Organic check-off could raise over $30 million each year to advance organic. Imagine the possibilities

The Organic Check-Off is about more than money. It’s a movement to achieve reform in the organic industry. The campaign has many goals, all related to making organic food more affordable and accessible for consumers.

a tan background with title text reading Get the facts about the Organic check off, and then in lists some of the facts

This program has the potential to:

  • Expand organic farms and production in the U.S. by funding organic agricultural research and support farmers as they convert to organic farming
  • Reduce the amount of pesticides and farming chemicals that end up in our water supplies by research into and funding of environmentally-friendly alternatives
  • Educate food shoppers about the differences between the terms organic, natural, and non-GMO so consumers can make smart food choices
  • Make organic food more affordable and attainable by investing in activities that support organic food production in the U.S.

The actual check-off participants will be organic certificate holders within the supply chain (e.g. producers, handlers, processors, and distributors). For more details about how the GRO Organic check-off would function, read this Fact Sheet.

What YOU Can Do

As a consumer, you may not be qualify as a participant in the check-off, but there is still something very easy you can do that will make a BIG difference. Your voice is needed to help the check-off come to be!

Comment on the USDA’s Federal Register to let them know you support the GRO Organic Check-Off. Your positive feedback can help launch a new era of affordable and accessible organic food!

a lady shopping in the produce section of the grocery store with title text reading submit your comment now your voice matters

And because I know you’re busy, I’m making it super easy for you to do! You can comment on the USDA’s Federal Register right here! Just fill in your information and comment in the box below.


several tomatoes with text reading we could leverage federal funding opportunities and provide matching funds for organic research priorities

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