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Get Glam in Sherri Hill Prom Dresses for 2016

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With a Sherri Hill gown as the solid base for your prom look, you can add embellishments, make-up, and your own charm for a complete and elegant look.

Accessories Highlight a Large Selection Of Sherri Hill Prom Dresses

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It is unquestionably glorious to be glamorous. From the time we were very little girls, we delight in being allowed to don our mother’s clothes and shoes and parade about the house, admiring ourselves in the mirrors. Many retail-therapy-reliant shoppers still consider dress-up play as an integral part of their lives, just as it should be.

Now that you’re a mom yourself, looking for a formal gown for your daughter can be challenging and intimidating, notably, when complicated by the pressure to “stand-out” (in a good way, of course), and it can give a gal pause. Luckily, what may be your second most important formal (we’re considering a wedding gown as #1), is easily enough achieved. When prom time comes, you and your daughter likely to be armed with a wealth of knowledge.

For your daughter to be totally glamorous, you absolutely must be prepared as you begin your search for a prom dress. Superstar designer Sherri Hill prom dresses for 2016 are an ideal choice for prom gowns. Even though they’re worn by many of the hottest names in pop music and movies to heralded events, Sherri Hill’s beautiful gowns are very accessible to teens, without the pall of being too “pageant-y.”  Whether your daughter chooses a Sherri Hill or another designer prom gown, you’ll need to take some steps for the full celebration of a glamorous prom look.

Before we go any further, we feel it imperative to remind you that while it’s perfectly fine for your daughter to admire her favorite stars and use their looks and photos for inspiration, they should, in no way, be held as the standard for glamour. She may have you and her friends for assistance but starlets have a virtual entourage of people surrounding them. That means they’re going to look the best they can, at that photo-ready moment, but only because they have a team of experts tending to them from head to toe. Still, you may surprise yourself, her prom companion, and classmates, when she can show up looking just as lovely as any young actress.



When looking for a house, you’ll hear the mantra, “location, location, location.” When she decides on a dress your mantra should be “fit, fit, fit.” This doesn’t mean that you have to buy a dress that fits her perfectly. If you have the time and resources, she can have a dress tailoredto be smaller or larger depending on the fit that she wants. The key to make sure it fits her beautifully.



If the dress is heavily embellished, do not layer on the jewelry – you don’t want her jewelry to compete with your gown. If she has a heavily-beaded dress that makes a wow statement, opt for minimal jewelry. On the other hand, if she goes for the classic LBD, then she have  more leeway to wear bolder jewelry. The same can be said for her mani-pedi. This means, leave the creative nail designs for graduation, when she’ll be wearing a plain robe for the ceremony.


Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t just buy lip, eye shadow colors and rhinestone hair clips to coordinate with her dress. Take the time do to a rehearsal. Test out the make-up she wants to wear. Critically, try out the hairstyle she’s have planned. Something beautiful on the page may not work practically. Remember, she is going to be socializing and dancing – she does not want to have to fuss with clips or the state of her coif.



Just as she should practice with your makeup and hair, for heaven’s sake, do not let your daughter go out in brand new shoes for the first time on prom night. Let her walk around, not only in your house, but outside in her prom footwear. She can slip a pair of foldable ballet flats into her purse, as well as moleskin and footpads, but she must break the shoes in before prom. Also remember to let her bring lipstick, a hair elastic, fashion tape, a couple of band aids, safety pins, and, if she can fit it in her prom purse, a stain-remover pen.



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  1. Prom season is such a fun (and sometimes stressful) time. I love the booty shorts idea to keep everything covered if you’re big on dancing at prom and wearing a shorter dress.


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