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A Fun, Free App for Kids — iMommy

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Last Updated on August 26, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

My youngest daughter is obsessed with baby dolls. She likes to play mommy or big sister and with no prospects of attaining those titles for real anytime soon, she’s resigned herself to pretending. The only problem with her latest passion is that pretend babies apparently require almost as much equipment and accessories as real babies–baby stroller, cradle, bottles, clothes, etc. It’s bad enough we have entire section of my daughter’s room set aside for “baby,” but it becomes a real problem when we go on vacation and my daughter wants to bring “baby” along with all of her necessities. Well, it turns out there’s an app for that.

iMommy Baby's Room

iMommy Lite Free App

I was tickled (almost as much as my daughter) to find iMommy Lite. It’s a free app that lets kids do all the fun things they enjoy doing with baby dolls, but in a virtual (and therefore portable) form. When you first play the game, you are prompted to name your baby. You get to choose what you want baby to look like. First you are presented with these choices:

After you’ve chosen one of the 8 babies above, you can then choose eye color, hair color, and clothing color. These can easily be changed later too. Once baby is complete, a virtual birth certificate is created.

Different Activities In Different Rooms

The game is divided into separate rooms.

  • In the kitchen, players feed baby. There are items in the fridge and on the counter to choose from.
  • In baby’s room, you can turn the light on and off, cover baby with the blanket, give baby a toy, comfort baby with the pacifier, etc.
  • In the play room, you can choose from several different toys to entertain the babies.
  • In the bathroom, baby starts a little dirty encouraging you to soap and shampoo baby. You can also give baby toys to play with.
  • In one room, you have to figure out why baby is unhappy. Does baby want the rattle? Does baby need a diaper change? Baby let’s you know when you get it right.

More Rooms In The Paid Version

My daughter had plenty of fun in just these rooms, which all came in the free version. You can also purchase additional rooms for 99 cents each if you want to slowly expand the game for your child. Or, you can download the paid version which is $2.99 but comes with most of the rooms/locations.

When I downloaded the app, I immediately handed it to my 6-year old daughter to see how easily she could navigate through the game without help. She had no problem figuring out what to do. She chose a baby boy and named him Toby. He is the baby featured in all of the screenshots above. Her favorite room was the kitchen. She liked that there were so many different foods to feed Toby.

What My Daughter And I Think About The Game

After she had played the app over several days I asked her what she liked and didn’t like about the game. She said she really liked getting to take care of baby and that there wasn’t anything that she didn’t like. I enjoyed watching her play. She really did seem to enjoy it each time she played and because of the nature of the activities, it wasn’t a game she would get lost in for hours. She would open the app, play for 5-15 minutes and then go onto something else. In my opinion, this was perfect because while I love technology and appreciate the benefits, I also worry about the effects of too much tech time.

The ONLY thing I didn’t like was that when baby is upset about something in the game, the crying sound would stir a stress reaction in me, a problem that is apparently limited to real mothers since it didn’t seem to bother my daughter at all. This problem was always short-lived since my daughter would quickly discover what baby wanted or needed to be comforted.

We aren’t the only ones who love this game. It’s been downloaded over one million times and has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Once you’ve tried the game yourself, you’ll see why.

Want to learn more about the iMommy app? Visit the website to read reviews, learn about the creator, and discover all the features.

Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry, the Android version is scheduled to come out this month. And for those who REALLY like the game, iMommy2 is coming soon–baby becomes a toddler!

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  1. That is so rad! My daughter’s baby dolls and imaginary friends require sooooo much of our time, I have GOT to try this thing out!

  2. This is a fun app, I had it on my iPhone before I upgraded to the Android platform. Kathy the owner did a great job with this app and is a good friend of mine. She is also working to create an iMommy stuffed bear. 🙂


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