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3 Tips for Staying Safe in the Home

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They say home is where the heart is, but it’s also where a majority of accidents happen. It makes sense, due to the sheer amount of time we spend there, compared to the multitude of places we visit out in the world. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for danger to arise in the home, even for the most cautious individuals, so take a look at these three danger areas you may be overlooking.

1) The bathtub.

Wet and slippery is a recipe for disaster, and that describes bathtubs and showers, which we use every day. A misstep can prove disastrous, with hard surfaces all around, making no-slip shower mats a great idea. Many feature suction cups to stay in place, with a soft cushion that gives you traction.

2) The basement.

With exposed beams and support poles, it’s far too easy to stub a toe or bump a head in a basement, especially in older homes with lower ceilings. A smart idea in tighter spaces is to pad metal support poles and the sharp edges of low-hanging ductwork with cushioning material.

3) Fireplaces.

Obviously, fire is a danger all its own, but hearths are made from brick and stone that jut out into family rooms where people spend most of their times. Fireplace pads that can be laid over these edges when children or visitors are around can guard against painful scrapes and bumps.

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  1. Great tips. My daughter got a pretty bad cut on her head when she fell into a fireplace hearth. She was just learning to walk and I couldn’t catch her fast enough. I kept quilts and foam on the hearth from then on!


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